Order Management

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Managing Your Orders

MySYS syncs every order from each of your sales channels into one, easy-to-manage platform. View, edit, print and take complete control of your order management process without overselling or ever missing an order again.

  • Order Invoice management

  • Bulk printing orders

  • Advanced order printing

  • Filtering your orders

  • Searching for orders

  • Order history

  • Internal notes & tags

  • Manuel Order

Customise your order invoices and paperwork for different brands & sales channels

MySYS lets you sell under multiple brands and have custom messaging for different sales channels.

Design and edit an unlimited number of templates for invoices, packing slips, picking lists and purchase invoices.

Print hundreds of labels and invoices in just a few clicks

View every single order from all your sales channels and print everything you need in one go. Bulk print hundreds of invoices, picking lists, packing slips and shipping labels at the click of a button.

Search in multiple ways to find any order in MySYS

Our intelligent Smart Search makes it super simple and lightning fast to find anything in MySYS. Meaning you no longer waste time sifting through huge product catalogues.

Manuel Order (Add/Update)

Products sold outside e-commerce can be added to MySYS. Thus, order, cargo and stock information are recorded

Keep a detailed record of every order your team has ever processed

Create accountability and visibility like never before with a complete record of every order your team has processed. MySYS keeps it all on record to easily find and revisit at any time.