Multichannel Integration

Multichannel Integration2018-02-26T07:32:07+00:00

Manage all your channels from the one dashboard. MySYS syncs seamlessly with all your multi channel integration software, meaning you can spend less time selling across multiple channels, and spend more time getting your orders out.

Multi-channel management and integration made easy Integrate and manage all your major back-end operations across all your channels on one platform.

Integrate MySYS with Sales Channels, Fulfillment Methods & Tools to automate your business.

Automatic channel synchronization

Get connected with the leading marketplaces and shopping platforms like includes Amazon and eBay. Auto-sync your channels’ data to boost your multichannel management capabilities.

Auto-update your inventory

With MySYS inventory management, you need to automatic update the stock for every channel. Simply add your stores in MySYS, and the stock will automatically update after you receive a new sales order.

Manage multiple currencies

No more stressing over multiple currency transactions. Our multichannel integration software lets you manage websites in multiple currencies, helping you stay global and provide the best service to your customers, wherever they are.

Analyze channel performance

Get an in-depth analysis of your store with insights into your store’s performance available in real-time, with detailed reports to let you make smarter business decisions for your sales strategy.