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Multi Channel Sales

Sell across major online channels with total control on your stock, inventory display, and shipping

Order Management

Consolidate orders, inventory, and contacts at one place to deliver a great fulfilment experience

Inventory Control

Track your stock across multiple locations and set alerts to minimize inventory costs of your business

Warehouse Management

Optimize day-to-day operations for order, shipping, & inventory allocation across multiple locations

Shipping & Tracking

Enable cheap international & domestic shipping, real-time package tracking, and shipping reports

 Analytics and Reporting

Take informed business decisions from a set of different reports on inventory, sales, contact, & much more

Tracking and Shipping Management

Track your orders in real-time and make sure they get where they’re supposed to with MySYS’s state-of-the-art package tracking software. Choose from over 5 shipping companies to fulfill your orders. Manage your deliveries the way you want them.

Quick, Simple Order Fulfillment

Shipping management and parcel tracking is easier than ever with MySys.

  • Ship domestic and International parcels

  • Calculate and compare shipping rates

  • Ship at the best rate

  • Create bulk shipments and print labels

  • Track parcels in real-time

  • Use Amazon FBA to fulfil orders from any sales channel

Financial Summaries

Create detailed and accurate financial reports on individual channels, custom date ranges, and specific products and categories, with MySYS powerful custom reports tool.

Get immediate insight into your business performance, with full access to your analytics directly from the dashboard. Whether you’re looking to understand your top sellers, stock tables, shipping reports or cash flow analysis, monitor your key statistics with ease using MySYS Custom Reports.

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Real-Time Analytics & Reports

The impressive analytic capabilities leverages all your back-end data in real-time.

Manage orders and products with MySYS

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